Homemade Easter Cards – Quilling Easter Egg Card Step by Step

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Learn how to make a beautiful quilling card and make a handmade Easter card in the process. This greeting card making activity will show you the art of making Easter egg card with quilling art.

For this you need…

1. Quilling Strips
2. Quilling Tool
3. Pastel Sheets
4. Printed Card Stock Sheets
5. Pencil, Eraser, and Sketch
6. Glue/Adhesive

You can buy all these material easily from any local art and craft store or even you can buy online too.

You’ll be able to make a beautiful paper quilling card once you follow the step by step instructions shown in this tutorial. Moreover, quilling Easter card is surely one of the best homemade Easter greeting card ideas. Even if you are new to quilling or DIY greeting cards, you need not worry as it is a simple quilling card for Easter.

So, get ready with your quilling kits, colors, glue, and other crafting stuff and watch this Easter card making video now. For more handmade Easter cards ideas, check out other DIY Easter greeting cards videos on Crafting Hours! ”

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