How to Fold DIY : Origami Lily

Check this video for step by step instruction on how to make Origami Lily.
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Steps :
1) Make crease in the centre by folding in to half vertically and horizontally.
2) Turn the paper and make cross crease by folding with the corners to meet.
3) Now bring two centre crease together like shown above. you will get a triangle with 4 leaves.
4) Fold each leaf as shown above.
5) Turn the paper and start folding as shown.
6) Now fold the paper to make a vertical crease in the centre.
7) Now unfold and reverse fold the leaf against the crease in the centre like shown.
8) Do the same on all the four leaves.
9) Turn the paper and fold back as shown.
10) Fold the sides to meet at centre like shown.
11) Your lily is now ready.
Do not forget to unfold the petals 🙂

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