How to Make Newspaper Jewelry: DIY News Paper Earrings & Necklace Tutorial

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How to make Newspaper Jewellery, Earrings, Necklace. Simple and Easy DIY Paper Jewelry Making Tutorial.

Best out of waste from the newspaper (news paper jewelry) – We have already published more than 20 amazing ideas about how to get best out of waste at home. If you have missed them then go back and take a sharp look and start making amazing things from waste material (Newspaper crafts).

This time the idea to make something stunning from the newspaper is amazing. If you are looking for some expensive jewelry to buy, then watch this 5 min crafts video and you will change your mind.

This best out of waste newspaper craft is the amazing thing to do. Making newspaper jewellery is an excellent job. People are running to get their goal completed, however, we all are forgetting about nature, specially TREE. It gives us everything and never asked anyone to payback. The newspaper we use, are made of it. So, recycle these waste newspaper to bring some eco-friendly environment around us.

To make this cool newspaper jewellery idea you need to follow these simple steps and you are done at

Making paper jewellry will make you feel amazing, people will get inspired from to save the nature. Plus these best out of waste craft of newspaper earrings is really cool idea for the jewellry craft. In this video tutorial of how to make newspaper neckless and jewellry, you will also learn how to save nature.

To make these newspaper earring and neckless you need to grab some crafting stuff with old newspapers which are listed below
(you can also buy these online at best prices)

So, how’s you feel now, you just save a tree and a showstopper tonight. Write us for more suggestion, keep watching and keep crafting with CraftingHours

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