How to make DIY : Origami Sampan Boat

Sampans are a flat bottomed Chinese boat. Check out this video for step by step instruction on how to make this beautiful boat!
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1) Take a sheet of 20x20cms with different colored sides.
2) Fold so that two opposite edges meet, to make diagonal crease like shown.
3) Now fold all the four edges towards the centre as shown.
4) Again, fold out the eges outwards, along the crease like shown.
5) Once four sides are done, fold only two opposite edges inward as shown.
6) Flop the sheet and fold the bottom and top edges toward the centre crease.
7) Now fold the four edges inwards.
8) Make another fold bringing the sides to the centre as shown (this is quite tricky as there’s lots of paper!)
9) Now bring the side edges to meet at the centre too.
10) Once this is done, gently open it up in the middle, and start to bend everything around as shown. (this is quite tricky too!)
11) Smooth out the edges and you can see the boat taking shape.
12) Lift the small flips out and your sampan boat is ready!

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