DIY: Patchwork Gift Box

Learn how to make Patchwork Paper Origami Gift Box.

What we need?

Printed paper
Satin ribbon
Cello tape

How to do?

1. Tape the papers together after turning them over. And bend the four corners into the centre.

2. Now, in order to obtain a crease fold two opposite sides into the centre and open them.

3. Similarly fold the other two opposite sides into the centre and open them again.

Also, open the two opposite corners.

4. Then, fold the two long sides up.

5. Then, hold one end and fold it towards the centre. While doing this the corners of the box will fold inwards.

6. Now, fold the triangular end down into the base of the box. Finally, repeat step 5 & 6 with the other end of the box.

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