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Learn to make a paper duck with quilling art. This is one of the best kids craft activities and quilling ideas for beginners to crafting.

This Crafting Hours video will teach you how to make a duck from paper by rolling it into narrow loops. Quilling, also known as paper filgree, can be used to make many different objects. It involves rolling narrow paper strips into closed loops and giving them the shape you need. You can make several quilling patterns and use them in different items.

This activity to make a paper duck can prove to be one of the most easy crafts for kids to make at home. You can also introduce them to various quilling paper designs and they will surely love to make this paper duck.

This quilled paper duck can be used as DIY home decor items or a simple paper quilling project. So, get ready for this fun crafts activity and use the magic of quilling art to make a beautiful paper duck.

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