Hot glue is back! 21 GLUE GUN HACKS and DIYs by 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts
Smart and easy accessories you can make with hot glue.
A glue gun is a handy tool that almost everyone has in their homes. And even though it seems like its only use is to stick stuff together, we’re here to prove you wrong.
In this video, we show you some beautiful and easy crafts you can make with hot glue. You can use them to decorate little things or fix stuff around your home.
Let’s start with games. We show you how to keep the little ones entertained by creating a fun maze game using hot glue, a small ball, and a disposable paper plate.
You can also take an empty Pringles container and use it as a guide to create an adorable pencil case for school. Or, take a drinking glass, decorate with hot-glue, and create small containers to organize hair ties and other accessories.
Watch until the end to see how hot glue can fix all sorts of stuff around your house and wave goodbye to those annoying everyday problems
1:09 – Beautiful DIY dresser handles
2:24 – Amazing DIY fake nails
4:32 – Adorable gummy bear earrings
6:00 – Cute DIY hair accessories
8:59 – A great hacks for your soda bottles

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