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It’s time for some winter holiday fun with Polly Pocket! Polly, Shani and Lila will show you how to make the cutest crafts and accessories inspired by 5-Minute Crafts. The first craft is an adorable paper mache unicorn. Start by drawing the outline of the unicorn on the cardboard, you’ll need two. Then, cut it carefully with safety scissors and use non-toxic glue to paste flexible cardboard all around the edges. Fill your unicorn with candy, glue the other unicorn cut-out, and decorate with paper mache!

Polly needs a bag to carry all her things, and you can make one for her. Take a sheet of glittery paper and cut out a rectangle. Then, paste a small arch of paper on the short end to work as a handle. Apply some glue on the sides and fold in the middle. Decorate with a seashell on each side, and Polly’s bag is ready!

Polly, Shani and Lila like relaxing as much as anyone, and a hammock is just what they need. To make a tiny hammock, you’ll need three colored pencils, a colorful piece of fabric, a paper straw, paper lollipop sticks and string. Tie the colored pencils together using a rubber band; then, cut the paper straw in half and glue to opposite sides of the fabric. Cut little holes on the edges of the straws and insert the lollipop stick. Tie the string to the hammock, hang it from the colored pencils, and the hammock is ready to go. Enjoy these and many other crafts for Polly Pocket!

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0:08 – DIY tree
1:04 – DIY glittery space makeup
1:33 – DIY mermaid headband
2:06 – DIY snowman
3:04 – DIY llama ears hair accessory
3:33 – tiny travel pillow
4:25 – DIY unicorn headband
5:32 – DIY tiny beach towel
5:38 – DIY paper mache unicorn
7:04 – DIY tiny hair mask bottle
7:42 – DIY alien headband

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