5-Minute Crafts
This is an #AD for Fisher-Price! Check out more Little People® videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/littlepeople

Discover some brand new winter adventures and games with Little PeopleⓇ Toys!

First, there’s the Advent calendar; every day of December, a brand new Little PeopleⓇ toy can be discovered.

Explore the world of skiing with Little PeopleⓇ sliding down the snowy slopes of a mountain-like creation made of a hat of a bunch of cotton balls.

Another exciting winter craft to re-create is the ice-rink for the Little PeopleⓇ figures’ fun ice-skating adventures. Some blue and white paint on a paper plate and a few cotton balls around it are enough to complete the set.

There’s an easy way to add accessories to the play, for example, a knitted winter hat for Little PeopleⓇ figures. Some thick paper, non-toxic craft glue, knitting yarn, and safety scissors are all you need! This creation will be a fun addition to the seasonal adventures of any Little PeopleⓇ figure.

With each character that makes an appearance, a new craft can be created to match the scenery. The reindeer will hang out with the little DIY snowman, and presents will surround the elf.

Watch the entire video to discover all the exciting playsets, vehicles, figures, trains, airplanes, and themes.

Also, enjoy crafts for other brands from Mattel® & Fisher-Price® – Polly Pocket™ toys and Thomas & Friends™ engines!

0:22 – DIY ski slope for Little People
1:07 – DIY ski rink
1:45 – DIY winter hat for Little People figures
2:26 – DIY cookies for Little People
2:54 – DIY fireplace
3:33 – DIY present
3:59 – DIY snowman
5:20 – Colorful Pumpkins for Polly Pocket and her friends!
5:47 – Rainbow!
6:05 – Cloud balloons
6:25 – Train station for Thomas & Friends
7:08 – A cute DIY mermaid crown
7:36 – DIY trees
7:47 – DIY macaroons for Polly and her friends
8:04 – Mini bag for Polly
8:26 – Cardboard bridge for Thomas & Friends
8:59 – DIY colorful paper umbrella
9:28 – Holiday-inspired arch for Thomas & Friends
9:46 – Llama accessories

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

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