Play Doh Easter Egg – Clay Modelling Egg Tutorial

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Play Doh #Clay #Easter #Egg Making – Learn how to make Easter eggs at home using #playdoh clay modelling. This is one of the best Easter crafts for kids as well as adults during Easter holidays.

For this Surprise Egg Craft, You need…

1. Play Doh (Kids Safe Clay)
2. Clay Modelling Tools

You can buy this material online at a very affordable price.

Kids, after all, love to make different things with play doh and Easter eggs are something that they would love to make. All you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions in this play doh video to make this cute clay egg.

Even if you are a beginner to clay modelling, this is a perfect tutorial for you to learn the art. Plus you can also turn it into play doh surprise eggs as well by stuffing different Easter gifts and objects into these eggs.

So, get ready with all materials and watch this clay modelling tutorial now to begin making play doh eggs. If you want more clay modelling ideas or Easter crafts to do at home, check out other amazing videos as well on Crafting Hours!

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