DIY Geometric Boxes

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Learn how to make Geometric Boxes.

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Origami is an art of patience. Yet, it is one of that art which has been growing crazily popular over the years. And, of course, the variety of things that can be made through origami has been on the rise too. Animals, Birds, Flowers, Leaves, even dresses. We have before released tutorial videos for different origami flowers. Combining the art of Origami and crafting, today we have another origami box which is easy to make and pretty to look at. A little bonus? You can use these boxes to store your little trinkets.


Craft paper / Chart paper



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1. Take a sheet of craft paper and cut it into a square of size 15cm*15cm.

2. Fold the paper diagonally.

3. Positioning the paper as an upside down triangle, fold the two corners inwards towards the bottom edge such that the two sides align at the center.

4. Unfold and fold the bottom up so that the edges align with the creases made.

5. Take two more papers of the same size and repeat the same folds.

6. Paste one of the protruding triangles onto the protruding triangle of the other paper. Do the same with all the three papers as shown.

7. Apply glue on the bottom triangles, and folding them inwards, paste them one onto the other. (Do not apply glue on the third triangle.)

8. Apply glue onto the protruding triangle of the third paper and insert it into the pocket of the first triangle at the end as shown in the video.

9. Your geometric boxes are ready to store your little trinkets. Make as many as you desire.


1. Use a bigger size of square for a bigger box and a smaller size for a smaller box.

2. You may use patterned paper too.

3. Do not store heavy objects in these boxes.

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