Paper Flower- Nerine Lily Crepe Paper Flower Craft Tutorial

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Learn how to make Nerine Lily flowers with paper in this Crafting Hours video. Crepe paper flower making is an excellent crafts activity to do to make DIY home decor items. This is because using paper flowers as decorative pieces can add a breathtaking view to your home. You can also use a bouquet of handmade flowers as DIY gift items which everyone will love. Paper flowers not only last longer than real flowers but also look gorgeous than them. You can use crepe paper or duplex paper (thick crepe paper) to make these paper flowers. Duplex paper flower often lend a realistic look and last longer than crepe paper ones. Once you have all your crafting materials, follow the step by step directions in this video tutorial to start making crepe paper flowers. You will immensely enjoy this flower craft activity! Do not forget to check out other flower craft tutorials and more DIY Crafts on Crafting Hour!

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