Popsicle Stick DIY Phone Stand – How to Make Mobile Stand With Ice Cream Sticks

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#DIY #Phone Stand with #Popsicle #Stick #Crafts – How to Make Mobile Stand With Ice Cream Sticks

The world of ice cream stick crafts is truly exciting as you can make amazing things with it. In this popsicle stick craft activity, you can make a DIY phone stand that you can use on your table. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a phone stand, this is your chance to make a DIY smartphone stand that looks great! This handmade phone holder from ice cream sticks is not only a cheap way to have homemade phone accessories but also a great popsicle stick craft for adults. You are going to need few ice cream sticks, colors, glue, etc. to make this DIY phone holder. Then follow the procedure shown in the video and soon you’ll become an expert in making a mobile stand with ice cream sticks. So, without any further adieu, get set with your popsicle sticks and do this ice cream stick craft activity at home. Also check out other popsicle stick crafts on Crafting Hours for making awesome things from ice cream sticks!

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