DIY Fringed Paper Flower

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Learn how to make Fringed Paper Flower.
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Craft papers
Toothpick/Thin stick

1. Take three strips of craft paper, one of size 8cm by 30cm, another of size 2.5cm by 30cm and the last one of size 1.5cm by 30cm.
2. Take the widest strip and fold one side (almost a quarter of the paper) inwards as shown.
3. Now, fold the paper in half horizontally. Fold again.
4. Cut slits at the bottom. Unfold and cut along the center crease. Unfold and cut along the center fringe again,
5. Trim the corners of all the flaps formed by the slits diagonally from both sides.
6. Take the strip with 2.5cm width and fold it in half along the longer side. Fold again.
7. Again, cut slits along one side at the bottom and unfold.
8. Do the same with the third strip as well.
9. Apply some glue on one corner of the shortest strip and place a toothpick or thin stick on it. Roll the paper around the toothpick or stick and paste the end in place using some more glue.
10. Now, roll the strip with the 2.5cm width around this rolled up the strip.
11. Paste the end in place as shown. Similarly, paste the largest strip and roll it around as well. Paste the end in place.
12. Now, gently pull the fringes formed by the slits backwards. Make sure not to pull too strongly.
13. Make several more of these.
14. Voila! Your fringed flowers are ready to bunched up and stored in a vase!

1. You can use any other type of paper like chart paper, cardstock, or even oil paper to make this flower.
2. You can use some sombre patterned or embossed paper for a pretty flower.
3. You can also use old magazine papers to make this flower.

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