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Do you want a pen accessories Ideas? Here are 2 pen decorating Ideas! Those are so cute and easy to make. Back to school time is here and that means stocking up on supplies like pen and pencils for the kids… and for you! This year, dress up those with a little personalization by way of adding foam sheets. Sure, the kids will love these.
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1. Take different colored foam sheet.
2. Cut then to strips as shown in the video of respective size.
3. Strick them on above the other as shown.
4. Bend it and stick them again to form a loop.
5. Repeat the same for the other side.
6. Now stick them together by forming a heart.
7. Draw a bow on a glitter foam sheet, cut it accordingly and paste it on the heart.
8. Take a pencil, wrap a rectangle shaped foam sheet around it and paste it to the heart.
9. Your super cute pencil accessorize is well to go.

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