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Learn how to make Pillow Gift Box.
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Craft paper
Scale (to make markings)

1. Take a craft paper and cut it to a rectangle of size 6 inches by 6.5 inches.
2. Make markings at 3 inches from the top and 0.5 inches from the bottom along the 6.5-inch long side of the rectangle as shown.
3. Score the paper along the markings.
4. Fold along the score lines.
5. Take a radius of 1.5 inches in a compass.
6. Place the pointed edge of the compass at the centre of the folded paper and draw arcs at either side.
7. Cut along the arcs using a pair of scissors.
8. Unfold the paper and trim the edges of the 0.5-inch flap.
9. Fold again.
10. Using a CD, make inward curve markings on either side and gently score.
11. Fold along the curved score line.
12. Unfold the paper and apply some glue on the 0.5-inch flap.
13. Fold again to stick it in place.
14. Now, Fold the curved score lines one over the other at the top and bottom.
15. Voila! Your pillow gift box is ready! Insert any gift like chocolates inside the gift box, lock it from both sides and gift it to anyone!

1. You can use some glue to paste both the sides too, but then the gift box will have to be torn to be opened.
2. It is better to use a thicker craft paper or a chart paper to make this gift box.

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