Waste Paper Craft – How to Make Pen Stand/Pencil Holder with Rolled Newspaper

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Best Out of #Waste #Paper #Craft – How to make Pen Stand, Pencil Holder at Home, #DIY Paper Craft.

For this you simply need…

1. Waste Paper Sheets (You can also use newspaper or old magazine papers for this)
2. Poster Colors with Paint Brush
3. Ruler & Pencil
4. Glue/Adhesive
5. Scissor
6. Waste Cardboard Piece

You can simply buy this material online at very low cost.

Do not throw away your old papers as you can now do a brilliant DIY Crafts activity and make a pencil stand or pen holder using rolled papers.

This Crafting Hours video on best out of waste will teach you to make a paper hexagonal pen holder using newspapers. Your kids will love to make a colorful pencil stand in this way for their study table.

You will need old newspapers, poster colors, glue, and other materials while you do this rolled paper craft activity. Follow the stepwise procedure shown in the tutorial to learn how to make pencil stand using old newspapers.

So, without waiting any longer, start this newspaper crafts activity now! Continue exploring the videos on Crafting Hours to discover more exciting craft ideas for kids as well as adults!

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